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620 Eighth Avenue, New York

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Bonneville Youth Development Council

Promoting teen health

Bonneville Youth Development Council is an Idaho nonprofit that works to lower substance abuse among teens, in part by creating fun social alternatives, leadership development opportunities, and youth-led activities. After seeing the creative we developed for the Be the Parents alcohol prevention program, BYDC tapped us for a brand/identity, logo, and print and social media campaign that would appeal to teens. Bright colors, authentic photos, and an overall joyful mood highlighting alcohol-free fun urged kids to stay sober over the summer, and share their summer pics on Insta.

To complement this idea of alcohol-free fun, we produced a :30 TV PSA about how having a passion can make teens more confident and more likely to stay alcohol-free. We highlighted a local teen named Aspen who was finding unexpected success in weightlifting, a happy ending after not making the volleyball team several years in a row.