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Tel: +(123) 456 7890


620 Eighth Avenue, New York

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St. Alphonsus Pediatrics

350 square feet of happiness

When St. Alphonsus built a new pediatrics office in Boise, the hospital wanted to create a colorful, engaging environment to help its little patients feel welcome and comfortable—and, of course, to continue to associate its brand with happiness and healing among families. We started sketching, creating an environment that would spark kids’ imaginations and make them laugh. Over the course of three weeks, we illustrated large-scale pieces (8’ x 4’) for the lobby and the main back hallway, and art for the exam rooms and wayfinding. Working under the tightest of tight deadlines, we disappeared into our happy place, creating flying bears, rocket-clad kids, and owie-infested monsters.

Moms get in touch with St. Al’s on a regular basis to report that these special pieces helped perk their little patients right up.